Greetings from Sanjay Sharma, President of the Global Sourcing Council

Last week I was asked to speak at a leadership development workshop of a high school for gifted kids. Public speaking is my job.  I teach at a college of continuing education as well as run classes on management subjects for adult learners. And, I speak at many seminars, meetings and the like.  I love it.  But the strange thing about speaking to high school kids is they don’t care who you are and what you are going to say unless it make sense to them.  My role in the corporate world, my views on global warming or environment or economics just doesn’t hold any water for them.  What matters was what could they share and learn from me.  They were bright and full of energy.  They are not far away from joining the workforce of tomorrow; they will be voters, some already can vote since some are already eighteen years old in their senior year; they all wanted to know what tomorrow holds from them.

As I normally do, I prepare my presentations, this time on the topics of leadership, team work and communication.  Finding out quickly that they were far ahead then my corporate audience in terms of understanding of the issues, e.g., how and what to communicate, they came out with great ideas to connect with an audience and did a quick cost benefit analysis to justify their campaign against bullying.   I quickly changed gears and instead of talking, I asked them to share their ideas about these topics.  They didn’t disappoint. Overall it was a great workshop and I learned a few new things.

Two days later I went to the divisional speech contest of Toastmasters, top speakers from a few clubs came to compete.  As this was round four, which means they were all strong and powerful contenders.  One common theme emerged; most speakers chose to speak about, interestingly enough, was “Anti Bullying”, the same topic chosen by the high school students just days before.

After I came back, I was thinking what about corporate bullying and corporate responsibility towards the workforce of tomorrow.  To my amusement, there is very little written or even just discussed about this subject.  While we talk of developing best practices for Global Sourcing, do we think of preparing our future leaders to understand challenges they are going to face? What if they start a small business and get bullied by larger corporate firm?

I would like to engage our readers and audiences to share their ideas and thoughts in Global Sourcing efforts to include Corporate Responsibilities to address issues faced by next generation of workforce and how to avoid bullying…

Sanjay Sharma has over twenty years of Global experience in Information Technology, Supply Chain and Project Management. Sanjay has managed backend Sourcing and Procurement operations for large organizations in Europe, Far East & Australia. He led procurement operations for a large industrial goods manufacturing organization. Sanjay has articles published in business magazines and publications on the subjects of procurement, supply chain and project management. Sanjay speaks at Conferences, Seminars and Symposiums. He works as consultant for Project Management and Global Sourcing. In addition he teaches Project Management subjects. His email contact is