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We Salute the Agents of Change in Socially Responsible Sourcing

Dr. Wanda Lopuch

Dr. Wanda Lopuch, GSC Chair of the Board

NEW YORK, NY (November 7, 2013) — Last month, we celebrated the winners of the 3S Awards, the Awards in Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing. This program provides a spotlight for the companies and individuals who walk their talk when it comes to putting big, abstract concepts of corporate social responsibility into daily practices.

And what a celebration it was! Over 100 guests from all corners of the world attended the GSC 3S Gala to congratulate the winners of GSC 3S Awards. The GSC 3S Awards Gala raised funds for Awards that Empower, the 3S Executive Development Boot Camp.  I encourage you find out more about the winners, the applicants, and their fantastic programs. Please join us in saluting their tremendous accomplishments.

This fourth edition of the GSC 3S Awards was also a time for reflection on changes in global business. These changes are happening in front of our eyes, every day. The GSC has been proudly participating in the changing community by offering our views and opinions. This year alone, in five GSC global meetings we have engaged in vibrant discussions on topics such as the meaning of global citizenship and its practical applications, principles of social investment, embracing new consumers such as handicapped or aging individuals, and the importance of vendor diversity in a global supply chain. We have presented our views on the conflict mineral provision of the Dodd-Frank Act and on changes in post Foxconn-Apple labor practices in China and globally.  We have been giving voice and visibility to true agents of change: those companies and their leaders who put tangible meaning into socially responsible sourcing – day by day, program by program.

In doing so, we have been touched, inspired and humbled by the resourcefulness of our winners, providing value and progress when resources are scarce, and by the sincerity and passion of these real agents of change.

As of September 2013, GSC has received the status of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, in the State of New York.  This designation offers great financial advantages to corporate members and sponsors..  GSC is a charity that understands the context of our mission within  global business – and we support socially responsible global business. GSC understands the necessity for business to make a  profit, but profit with purpose.

A new Board of Directors of GSC was elected at our October 28th Annual Meeting. I have the honor and privilege to lead the GSC Board for another year. We realize how much work is ahead of us, as we are just starting to touch many important topics and issues.  The new GSC leadership is mindful of this responsibility and accepts the challenge of further advancing the cause of socially responsible sourcing in broad collaboration with like-minded organizations and individuals. I invite each of you, believers and skeptics alike, to join us in this quest.

Please contact me or my GSC colleagues with your thoughts, ideas and challenges. We look forward to your contributions and to working with you to further our ambitious goals.


Wanda Lopuch

GSC, Chair of the Board

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