The Global Sourcing Council (GSC) LinkedIn group is a neutral, global business forum for dialog between the public, private and academic sectors regarding the business & socio-economic implications of Global Sourcing and Sustainability.

Currently with over 9K members, this forum is for individuals interested in sustainable global sourcing strategies. Feel free to use the forum to exchange ideas, share useful events and articles, and make connections with global professionals.

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3SAwards 2015 Logo

The GSC 3S Awards recognize exceptional achievements in the global sourcing marketplace by individuals and organizations who exhibit a combination of positive social and economic leadership. The 3S awards will bring to the forefront individuals, start-ups, and companies (e.g. suppliers, buyers and advisory organizations) that have worked to innovate, implement and improve communities/peoples and the environment through Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing practices.

The 3S Awards provide a level playing field for organizations of varying sizes, from multi-national corporate organizations to individuals, and recognize their contributions towards 3S practices by celebrating their exceptional achievements on an international platform.

This LinkedIn group provides a forum for individuals and companies that influence communities in a positive way and are a source of sustainable development, and it is especially for those interested in entering the 3S Awards program (

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