The Global Sourcing Council (“GSC”) is a voluntary, public-private initiative to facilitate dialog, information and greater understanding of global sourcing. By bringing together businesses, industry organizations, academics and trade representatives of different countries, the GSC provides an open forum for discussion of social, economic and political effects of global sourcing arrangements.


The GSC plays a key role in furthering business interests by promoting an open environment for the many participants in the sourcing world: country trade representatives, service providers and private enterprise from different countries. The GSC provides opportunities for professional networking and business development in the context of the social impact of sourcing. The GSC addresses timely issues important to any company involved in global business operations and to any country where sourcing is taking place.

The GSC engages with multinational companies to establish strategic, harmonized outsourcing relationships with the various countries’ trade organizations. The value premise is the provision of competent trade and industry information to businesses in their strategies of sourcing in order to realize success and promote industry and growth opportunities, while staying aware of the social good and cultural impacts of the sourcing work.. To this effect GSC will work with trade associations, and trade consuls representing their countries in identifying country specific issues that arise in outsourcing relationships.

The GSC promotes increased knowledge and understanding through the facilitation of dialogue, sponsorship of various forums and dissemination and publication of information and documents addressing the social, economic and business aspects of global sourcing.

The activities of the GSC will accomplish the mission, goals and charter of the GSC in a non-partisan, multi-faceted manner. Representatives of industry, government and academia will all reap benefits and feel welcome as participants and supporters of the GSC and its programs, activities and initiatives.