Strategic Governance: The BPO Industry’s New Strategic Imperative

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“Strategic Governance: The BPO Industry’s New Strategic Imperative” Presented by Mark W. Sickles

In this 59-minute webinar, Mark W. Sickles , advisor to boards and executives, President & CEO of The National Association of Corporate Directors – NJ Chapter, and the Strategic Governance Fellow at The Governance & Accountability Institute who authored Shareholder Value Assurance, The Mark W. Sickles Handbook for Well-Intended Boards & Directors, Strategic Governance, and is published by Directors Monthly, Directors & Boards, and Investor Relations Update shared his valuable insights on how Strategic Governance will enable BPO vendors and their clients to achieve the new standard for business excellence: Financial, environmental, and social sustainability.

Key topics:

  • The meaning of governance, strategy, risk, culture, and corporate responsibility
  • The synergistic relationship between financial, environmental and social sustainability
  • Functional excellence for the sustainability profession
  • How to build intelligent organizations in which ordinary people achieve extraordinary results
  • Key questions to sustain industries and companies

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GSC 3S Awards Update

The grand finale of the much awaited GSC 3S awards was held on February 8th, 2011. The awards night and dinner, hosted by Kaye Schole, was attended by an audience hailing from various countries like Poland, Spain, India and Canada. The 3S Awards intent was to showcase the brilliant examples of Sustainable and Socially responsible Sourcing practices that had made a difference to people, communities and the environment. The 3S awards provided a level playing field for organizations of varying sizes like Genpact and NH Hoteles to smaller local organizations like Distant Village Packaging and Vindhya e-Infomedia to demonstrate their roles in making a difference.

The event was kicked off by Dr.Wanda Lopuch, Chair of the Board of the Global Sourcing Council with her view on how sustainable outsourcing, an oxymoron of sorts, is moving from the sideline to the main line of corporate business strategies. Dr. Shubhro Sen, Director of the Conscious Capitalism Institute, in his key-note address “Profit with Purpose”, outlined inspiring examples of “Firms of Endearments”, companies like Whole Foods or Patagonia, which grow fast, are more profitable then others in the sector, and put social and environmental values into the business activities. The Master of Ceremonies, Karen Morris, co-founder and Director of the Global Sourcing Council captured the audience’s attention with her lively sense of humor and panache.

The competition for the 3S Awards was fierce with inspiring and innovative entries from Genpact, Distant Village Inc., Vindhya e-Infomedia, Village BPO Pvt Ltd, Belatrix Software Factory, LGBS Polaska Sp. zo.o, NH Hoteles and Economic Development for the City of Rio de Janeiro & Instituto Costa Verde & Algar Technologia. (Click here to view the entries: )

The winners for the awards were:

1. Village BPO for Best in 3S Class for Community Engagement Program – presented by Sudhir Achar, CEO & Founder, Vantage Agora

2. Genpact for Best in 3S Class for Employee Engagement Program – presented by Dr.Shubhro Sen, Executive Director of the Conscious Capitalism Institute

3. NH Hoteles for Best in 3S Class Sourcing Community Award – presented by Kirk Laughlin, Founder, Nearshore Americas

4. Distant Village Inc, for Best in 3S Class Most Innovative Program – presented by Dr.Wanda Lopuch, Chair of the Global Sourcing Council

Judy Arteche-Carr and Bill Tanenbaum, co-chairs of the panel of judges stated they had tough decisions to make in terms of choosing the winners. The panel, comprised of Gregg Butler of Tata, Pat Coleine of SCORE, Ann Goodman of WNSF and Richard Billson of Zurich Insurance, worked diligently for over a week to reach the final verdict. Each of the winners received a beautiful glass trophy along with a certificate and monetary grant.

The GSC 3S Awards would like to thank their sponsors ACS – a Xerox company, Vantage Agora and IIOM for supporting and believing in such a noble cause, Kaye Scholar for their generosity in hosting the event and dinner. We also thank our technical partners LaVida Solutions for providing the GSC 3S Awards a platform to the world and our media partners, Nearshore Americas and CIO Zone for taking the GSC 3S Awards global.

Stay tuned for announcements about the next edition of 3s Awards – Awards in Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing.

A Broad Vision of U.S.-China Relations in the 21st Century by Hillary Clinton

U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton delivered the first Richard C. Hobrooke Lecture at the State Department on January 14, 2011 and the topic was the future of US-China relations.

She focus on the role that Richard Holbrooke played in strengthening the relationship between the US and China and saw this as improving security in the Asia-Pacific region overall. Secretary Clinton discusses both the progress and lack thereof in China and the importance of building trust between the two nations.

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The New BRICS on the Block: Which Emerging Markets are Up and Coming?

The latest issue of Knowledge @ Wharton includes this article about the up and coming countries in the global economy – the CIVETS: Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa.

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Fashion or Strategy? Why Firms Are Jumping On the Sustainability Bandwagon

This article underlines the message the GSC has been sending for four years “If building a sustainable enterprise was a fashionable trend five years ago, today it is a business imperative.” The article goes on to discuss the true competitive advantage that environmental, social and governmental factors can deliver.

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