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Global Sourcing Council Announces its 2015 Sustainable & Socially Responsible 3S Awards

NEW YORK, Feb. 1, 2015 – Global Sourcing Council announces its 2015 Sustainable and Socially Responsible Awards Program honors individuals and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional social and economic leadership in innovating, improving and implementing Sustainable and Socially Responsible (3S) practices.

The GSC 3S Awards categories inspire leaders in building a sustainable world to propose innovative ideas about 3S practices. The GSC plays a key role in furthering business interests by promoting an open environment for the many participants in the sourcing world. It is a chance to shape the world we want

The judging panel of independent executives and business decision makers will evaluate nominations for the GSC 3S in each of the following four categories.

  • 3S Community Engagement Award
  • 3S Employee Engagement Award
  • 3S Empowered Women Award
  • 3S Innovative Sourcing Award

The fifth category, 3s People’s Choice Award will be a voting system when each and everyone can get involved.

“We encourage individuals and organizations, which have stories to tell about their 3S programs, to share these stories in a format of 3-5 min video, and submit the application to 3SAwards Program, so others can learn from, and get inspired when implementing their own 3s programs” says Dr. Wanda Lopuch, Chair of the Board of the Global Sourcing Council. “Our goal is to showcase those, who truly walk their talk when it comes to implementing socially responsible business practices. Because it pays off to be socially responsible!”

Individuals and companies can submit their application online:; there are no costs of submission.

All applicants are invited to participate in 2015 GSC 3S Awards Gala that will take place on September 14, 2015 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

The deadline for submission for the GSC 3S Awards is July 30, 2015. For more information related instructions “how to apply”, please visit our website:

To learn more about GSC 3S Awards , contact our Coordinator: or visit our website:

Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing Awards (3S Awards)

3S Awards 2014 Logo Blue-White
brought to you by The Global Sourcing Council

Calling all individuals and organizations with a

Socially Responsible Conscience!

Showcase your work and stand to win an award!

The Global Sourcing Council (GSC) honors individuals and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional social and economic leadership in innovating, improving and implementing Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing (3S) practices. 3S practices are those activities that individuals or organisations do to ensure that they make a meaningful impact across their value chain into the lives of the of the buyers, suppliers, business partners, advisory services and surrounding communities, which are not only socially responsible but sustainable as well.  Previous winners of the 3S Awards can be seen on

Apply in one of the following six (6) categories:

  • 3S Community Engagement Award: This award is focused on organizations that influence and make sustainable a single or multiple communities by providing employment, making available building block resources for survival, providing educational tools and resources and enabling communities by availing business opportunities.
  • 3S Employee Engagement Award: The Employee Engagement Award is aimed at businesses/organizations that empower their employees towards 3S actions. This would include but is not limited to engaging employees in sustainable and socially responsible practices through the company/various groups and providing tools for employees (educational/ vocational).
  • 3S Empowered Women Award: This award recognizes 3S initiatives taken to empower women that are part of global supply chains or their surrounding communities, as well as honoring women who have made a 3S difference.
  • 3S Impact Sourcing Award: This award recognizes individuals and organizations that have established and implemented impact sourcing practices to benefit disadvantaged communities.
  • 3S “Innovative Sourcing Award”: This award recognizes innovative 3S initiatives across all industries and platforms.
  • 3S People’s Choice Award: This award is based on popular vote by the sourcing community. Videos from all categories will be up for voting and the most popular submission will make the cut for the award.

The Global Sourcing Council (GSC) will begin accepting applications for the 3S Awards on October 1, 2014. Applications will involve submission of an on-line application and short video (approximately 3 minutes) highlighting the applicant’s achievements in the offered awards categories.

You will need to go to the Global Sourcing Council website and you will be directed to the 3S Awards entry page.

All applications will be evaluated by independent judges who are experts in the fields of sustainability, social responsibility, and sourcing. The People’s Choice Award is an open online competition subject to one vote per IP address.


In the past, prizes have varied from the actual receiving of a physical Award itself, to hands-on training and skills development in the form of a Boot Camp and in instances where significant sponsorship was available, monetary rewards have been given to the winners.  The 3S Boot Camp participation consists of training sessions and conferences that have helped companies scale-up and develop their socially responsible business practices. Each year, the winners have gained unique exposure to world media and C-suite global business people from across sectors, around the world.

The prizes for the upcoming 2015 3S Awards will be announced closer to the date of the Awards.

sponsorship opps

3S Awards Host Sponsor $50K
Platinum Sponsor $30K
Gold Sponsor $20K
Silver Sponsor $10K
Bronze Sponsor $5K
GSC Web Meeting sponsor $1K

*Details of your benefits under each sponsorship package are available upon request.

*Customized packages are also available upon request.

application entries

Entries will be accepted from Wednesday, October 1, 2014 until March 31, 2015.

date for awards

The Awards Ceremony will be held in New York City in June 2015.

This is a wonderful way to promote your socially responsible business and dedication to global sustainability. You can support the 3S Awards program financially or with valuable in-kind support including but not limited to: food/beverage, graphic design, printing, marketing and other information technology opportunities, social media exposure, GSC website maintenance or the gift of your time to volunteer to help in the build-up towards the Awards Ceremony or during the Ceremony itself in New York .



Twitter Handles:

@3S Awards

Please contact Gary S. Pasricha (,
Chairman of the 2014-15 3S Awards for additional information

The World BPO/ITO Forum Post-Event Press Release

Filippo Passerini, CIO, P&G as Keynote at World BPO/ITO Forum 2014, Discussed BPO/ITO Transformation Driven by Innovative Business Models – Cloud, Mobile and Social

The seventh annual World BPO/ITO Forum,, which took place in NYC on June 2-3, 2014 provided key insights from global leaders on how best to drive innovation and growth through latest technology trends such as cloud, mobile and social.

NEW YORK, NY – July 10, 2014 – For business and IT executives planning their strategies… the 7th Annual World BPO/ITO Forum,, held June 2-3, 2014 in New York, gave some key insights and best practices on how to drive innovation and growth through latest technology trends such as cloud, mobile and social.

“We are living through a sea of change in sourcing strategy”, says Jim Noble, Principal of The Advisory Council and Chairman of The World BPO/ITO Forum. “Businesses have matured beyond mere cost arbitrage, and have recognized the benefits of agility and time-to-market offered by a services-oriented approach. These benefits offer a much bigger prize than the simplification agenda, but only if sourcing becomes a core competency of that client company. Noble adds “This is where The World BPO/ITO Forum made a real difference — by enabling buyers and sellers of services to meet each other, and by encouraging experts to share insights in a friendly environment”.

Themed “Re-Inventing Global Sourcing: Cloud, Mobile and Social ” the Forum provided a peer-to-peer group learning and influential networking atmosphere for 250+ senior IT executives currently using or evaluating BPO (business processing outsourcing) and/or ITO (IT outsourcing) services. With a roster of 55+ global thought-leaders and forward-thinkers as speakers. “The conference provided invaluable insight into how globalization and disruptive technological changes are making the old multinational structure obsolete” says Kartik Kilachand, CEO & Co-Founder, The World BPO/ITO Forum.

Marv Adams, COO, TD Ameritrade Holding Corp, as opening keynote speaker, described the tremendous challenge of the new disruptive forces of SMAC.

“Interdependency, emerging from dense and global interconnectedness has created many opportunities, but has also been at the core of a whole new set of management and leadership challenges.  Those who transition well will thrive and those who are slow to change will miss most of the opportunities.”

Topics discussed included leveraging cloud computing and mobility, unlocking innovation, multi-vendor approaches, managing risk, and the economic and social impact of global sourcing, among other issues.

Additional highlighted speakers included:

  • Anil Bajpai, SVP and Global Head of BPO, IGATE
  • Robert Dunigan, SVP, Shared Services, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
  • Tanvir Khan, VP and Global Head of BPO, Dell
  • Chris Lord, SVP, Global Growth Strategy and Marketing, Hinduja Global Solutions
  • Lee Coulter, CEO Shared Services Organisation, Ascension Health
  • Carol Foley, EVP, Director of Knowledge, Leo Burnett Worldwide
  • Chip Wagner, CEO, Alsbridge

Filippo Passerini, as closing keynote of the first day, clearly emphasized that “The BPO landscape is changing fast, driven by new technology and innovative business models. Strategic partnerships are as critical as ever, but the ‘how’ for partnership value creation is changing significantly. The World BPO/ITO Forum provided strategic insight into three key considerations – innovators, relationships and agreements – that will help determine the future of BPO.”

As an indication of how technology is transforming outsourcing and offshoring, the Forum was sponsored by global service providers such as IGATE, Dell, Sutherland, Accenture, Cozen O’Conner, as well as, by emerging offshore country delegations such as Argentina, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nova Scotia, Poland, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago,

Tanvir Khan, Global Head, Dell BPO states “This was Dell’s second year as a sponsor of The World BPO/ITO Forum. Besides carefully crafted content, peer networking and building awareness amongst buyers, I value the access to the Forum’s core team”.

“Companies are re-thinking their offshoring strategies – as the global cost labor arbitrageis narrowing” says Kartik Kilachand. Outsourcing is no doubt a contentious issue, particularly in light of the struggling U.S. economy. “American jobs going overseas is still an emotive subject,” says Mr. Kilachand. “Like it or not, the phenomenon of global sourcing is here to stay. The challenge now is how best to manage it”.

Chris Lord, SVP, Hinduja Global Services expressed his sentiments on the two-day Forum “… it provided thought-provoking insights into the new directions companies need to consider in a social, mobile, and cloud enabled world where growth requires innovation and cost savings require new approaches to automation.”

“Global sourcing has become a transformational lever that empowers businesses to take on new competition. This exclusive Forum provided opportunities to interact, learn & share issues, challenges and solutions from some of the world’s leading thought-leaders on the economic, political & technical impact of global sourcing.” further explains Mr. Noble.

To that end, The World BPO/ITO Forum has become the leading C-level executive event of its kind. “With a strong roster of speakers, practitioners and service providers participating in the discussion this year, I believe we are well on our way to become the ‘Davos’ for strategic sourcing,” says Mr. Kilachand.

The eighth annual World BPO/ITO Forum is scheduled for June 16-17, 2015.


The Business Case for Impact Sourcing Panel Discussion at the World BPO/ITO Forum

Nish Acharyra
Most Recent Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Obama Administration;
Senior Advisor, Northeastern University

Kartik Kilachand, Head Held High
Dan Lang, Sutherland Global Services
Pumela Salela, Global Sourcing Council
Sarah Troup, The Rockefeller Foundation

Session Description:
Impact Sourcing burst onto the scene several years ago as a promising tool for economic development, job creation and to bring technology to a broader swath of the world’s societies. Over the last few years, we have seen several companies and non-profits enter this space, and to various extents provide proof of concept that rural communities in the developing world can provide sourcing services to major corporate and government clients. These firms select and train their employees, and secure work that has traditionally gone to large IT companies to manage call centers, provide online customer support, provide back office functionality and quality assurance testing, to name a few tasks. But while the concept has been proven, we have seen very few of these organizations to scale beyond their initial geographic area. The reasons for this include management challenges, hesitation from larger companies to use impact sourcing firms, and the lack of a defined pathway for these firms to secure contracts and scale their organizations.

This session will specifically address challenges that Impact Sourcing is facing and discuss ideas on creating a scalable model – both on the demand & supply side which can significantly make a social and economic impact.

Key Learning Points:

  •     Hear who has been the most successful at scaling to date
  •     Discover the business models that are succeeding in this space – for profit, hybrid or non-profit
  •     Learn what can be done to convince larger companies to use impact sourcing
  •     Understand the role Governments play in enabling a policy that converts Islands of Excellence into mainstream successes