3S Nominees for 2013 3S Awards

First Peek at the 3S Nominees 2013!

From five continents, companies and organizations of all sizes are applying for participation in the 3S Awards 2013 program – www.gsc3sawards.com. So far nine were officially nominated and will face off in this year’s challenge to be named the best example of Sustainable & Socially Responsible Sourcing. Steal the first peak at our first nominees this year.

Remember to save the date for the awards gala, during which this year’s winners will be announced:

Oct. 28, 2013

5–9:30pm EDT

New York, N.Y.


Community Engagement Category:

BudgIT – http://yourbudgit.com/index.php/about

BudgIT as an idea was both conceptualized and hacked at the Tech-In-Governance, a 48 hour gathering organized by Co-Creation Hub in February 2011. BudgIT as a tool aims to redefine participatory governance.  Many Nigerians, with little or no knowledge of accounting and public financial management, are lost when they see – if they ever get the chance to – the budgets of the different arms of government. BudgIT’s innovation is to show this governmental data creatively by either presenting them in simple tweets, interactive format or Info-graphic displays. We believe that in a democracy, every citizen has the right to know how his or her taxes are expended in the delivery of public infrastructure and services. BudgIT offers mobile and online solution to trigger discussions around the budget and take the budget beyond a news item to a focal point of debate among Nigerians.








X-Runner – http://www.xrunner-venture.com

One billion people worldwide live in slums, most without access to sewage systems or improved sanitation. x-runner’s mission is to bring reliable and responsible sanitation to urban households that do not have a toilet. We improve their daily lives and create a cleaner, healthier environment for the entire family.

Read the brochure: http://xrunners.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/brochure_april2013_v12.pdf






Puo and Tillys Dream –

Tumo Mothudi’s farm is located 15km from the capital city of Gaborone, Botswana  It is a greenhouse project that produces fresh tomatoes. The farm sells the produce to supermarkets and restaurants.

Tumo is currently trying to incorporate the business and change it to a 501 c 3 non profit organization and start workshops aimed at empowering the youth of the country along with empowering the entrepreneurial spirit in the younger generation of the country. The workshops will be focused around sustainable farming, accountability, healthy living, entrepreneurship and empowerment. This will enable schools to come to the farm to learn about the history and the importance of farming within Botswana and equally allow them to engage with the day to day activities and running of the farm. Agro tourism will also be introduced within the structure. Tumo also wants to introduce leadership programs which will be added to the schools curriculum. 








Boond – http://www.boond.net/index.html

The Boond mission is to solve some of the biggest global challenges – adequate lighting, access to clean drinking water and pest control affecting the remote areas of the world – through its innovative environment friendly products and sustainable business oriented approach.

The Boond team is highly motivated and well trained by SELCO and IIM-Ahmedabad Center for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship and comprises mostly of local resources.






Avasant – Empowering global communities via Impact Sourcing

Avasant is a global management consulting firm providing services in the areas of Sourcing Advisory, ICT Optimization, and Globalization Advisory. The company provides services in the areas of Strategic Sourcing, Technology Optimization, and Globalization Consulting. One of the company’s goals is empowering the citizens of developing nations by facilitating business development and local job creation.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKZUgik9kEs&feature=player_embedded


Employee Engagement Category:


Vindhya e-Infomedia  –  A BPO by Differently Abled

Our Video shows how an organization which employs only person with disabilities looks and functions as normal as any other organization which is into similar business. So it helps in removing the bias that most people have about the abilities that a Person with disability. 

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z0pP47CY_k&feature=player_embedded

 McGraw Hill – Corporate social responsibility in practice

Over the past several years, McGraw-Hill Companies has tackled the challenge of retaining low costs while introducing sustainable and socially responsible practices in its global supply chain. The company achieved its goals through innovation and developing its strategy for sustainability and ethical practices with patience, research and multiple consultations. One example of the company’s sustainable innovation is the launch of Staples New Online Catalog of Eco-conscious Products, a new corporate strategy to drive sustainability innovation in product manufacturing, packaging and distribution in 2010.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezuax3csloc&feature=player_embedded


Empowered Woman Category:


Glocal Connection – Teaching Guatemalan women how to be entrepreneurial

Global Connection is a business platform positioning luxury products made with traditional art forms by companies owned by people from local communities. The company designs innovative supply chain solutions for each business unit, which enables them to offer competitive prices without sacrificing sustainability.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpcyIOxboy8&feature=player_embedded

 Source FKhttp://www.sourcefk.com

SourceFK, an innovative business with a social mission, aims to end systemic poverty by partnering with Asian women artisans and connecting them to global markets and training. Debuting in January 2012 as a line of exclusive, global-chic, and completely hand-crafted women’s clothing, sourceFK epitomizes true South Asian artisanship combined with timeless style. Our collection is for the discerning customer who recognizes quality and is inspired by the soul behind the work.

Built on the core value of “sourcing for good”, sourceFK collaborates with artisans in Bangladesh to create economic opportunities, improve livelihoods and revive hand-woven craft traditions that are at risk of dying out. Hand weaving is the oldest continuous art form in Bangladesh and for thousands of artisans across the country, this represents their only means of livelihood. The rapid spread of technology and industrialization, however, threatens to make the hand weaving industry obsolete. By linking skilled artisans with new markets, sourceFK helps sustain the traditions of these remarkable craftspeople and generates lasting employment for their communities.



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